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In today's era we cannot live without a mobile phone because mobile phones have become a mandatory requirement. Also there should be strong signal to talk on mobile, which is very weak. Just think, if your mobile phone does not show any signals, then the call will be disconnected. Then you have no choice but to wait to get full signal coverage. So, we are providing such a tool to solve this problem, which can help you to strengthen weak mobile signals. We are pretty sure that after you install Signal Booster in the house, you will be able to solve the problem of call drop and your internet speed will also get faster. We are providing service to install mobile signal boosters all over India. Wherever you want to set up a signal booster, you can call us without hesitation.

About: Cell Phone Signal Booster

As mobile phones have become an important part of the lives of people nowadays. In the same way, cannot be download upload anything on the Internet without the need for good cell phone coverage. Cell phone signal boosters are used to strengthen weak mobile networks. Because nowadays all the work is online, the utility of the Smartphone has increased greatly because almost all the devices are being run with the help of the internet, so the importance of signal coverage has become very important due to the importance of internet being too much in life Therefore, to solve the problem of weak mobile network, it is unnecessary to install signal boosters and if you have installed Signal Booster in your home or office, you will not face the problem of call drop and all your network devices like Mobile phone computer laptop will receive good signal coverage.

Tri Band 2G 3G 4G Mobile Signal Booster

Tri Band 2G 3G 4G Mobile Signal Booster

2G 3G Mobile Signal Repeater

2G 3G Mobile Signal Repeater

4G Mobile Signal Amplifier

4G Mobile Signal Amplifier

3G Singal Band Repeater

3G Mini Signal Booster

What is Signal Booster and How does It Work?

Signal booster is a device that strengthens weak signals by reflecting by the amplifier. In many places where the signal is weak at all, mobile signaling boosters are used to improve weak networks.

Thus, any signal booster is used to strengthen the network at a particular area in which the signal is very weak and the quality of voice calling is not good, thereby improving the quality of voice calling At the same time speed of data speed increases.

Specifically, the license to use the signal booster is given to the telecom operator only, but due to the necessity of today's booster, telecom operators are unable to install, due to which there are so many service providers who have set up a signal booster Are working.

This device is available on online site like Flipkart and Amazon.

All types of devices are available at very cheap rates on major ecommerce sites like Amazon India and Flipkart, which are being bought in bulk by a large quantity. It is being sold at rates ranging from around 12000 to 25000. All network operators are used for all 2G 3G 4G networks and by which the problem of long-term connectivity and ear drop is diagnosed.

Interestingly, there is no branded company or service provider available on all these sites nor do they offer any guarantee warranty, so people have to face problems by purchasing products from Amazon and Flipkart. They install the device on their home through a third party and receive the service by pad charging.

People are buying imported products.

All types of products available on e-commerce platform are either locally produced or imported by China. For example, Oxyavave Max has listed 4G Mobile Signal Booster in very high rate and is claimed All 3G 4G network operators like Airtel Vodafone Idea Airtel BSNL Tata Docomo Reliance GSM Live Telenor Uninor work. F you do not have went guaranteed warranty of any kind.

If understood, according to the Indian Wireless Act, 1933, no person can use wireless license for wireless telegraphy. Cellular Operator Association of India has mentioned that any device which is being bought and sold on many online e-commerce sites is called Wireless Telegraph Under the Act, there is a penal offense

How Signal Booster Works?

4 basic components with mobile signal booster compliant work together with an outdoor antenna amplifier indoor antenna coaxial cable, with very high technology and from these hours the antenna captures the weak signals from the base station and transmits the amplifier only with the help of it. The amplifier strengthens the weak signals with the help of an indoor antenna to spread strong signal in a particular area is.

The thing to keep in mind is that the signal booster does not produce the signal itself, if the signal is not available in any particular area, then this device will not work at all as it is to increase the power of any existing self and signal. The market only works to repeat.

Benefits of Signal Amplifier

Call drop can be avoided: It is absolutely right that if you travel in mountainous areas or your home is present there, sometimes due to weakness of the signal, you have to face the problem of call drop. To solve this problem, mobile signal booster will be your car. Or can be installed in the house second if your home network is located far away from the network tower, still there is a problem in getting the signal from inside your home. So to avoid this, you can install a signal booster in your home which helps you to get the outside signal inside your house.

Fast Browsing: Nowadays people are getting attracted to the internet and social media very fast, if the signal on your mobile is weak, then the internet will slow down your mobile, due to which you can not chat on social media accounts nor easily access social media sites You can open it on your mobile so if you want to solve this problem, you should install mobile signal booster in your home or office. Rnet you can get fast to open social media sites and enjoy chatting.

It supports all networks: This signal booster supports all network operator Airtel Vodafone Airtel Uninor Idea Jio 2G 3G 4G.

Too many features: When we talk of telecommunication facilities, the first thing is that mobile communication comes in which people can interact with each other and it requires a strong signal if the signal is weak then people can not interact with each other. So nowadays there are a very effective mobile signal booster available in the market. Which helps to strengthen the weak signal, through which the problem of weak signal can be easily overcome and everyone can talk with clear calling on the phone and quickly access the social media Can open the site.

Coverage Area:Our signal booster has the ability to cover up to 2000 to 3000 square feet, which is a bigger coverage for a home or office, and with the maximum number of people getting coverage in the coverage area, you get clear in the device Call and enjoy the internet.

High Mobility:Signal Booster can easily be installed by any user in his home. This tool can be easily installed at any location, because it is thin and small in design, as well as this device from any one location Can be easily moved to the second place and it is able to work for many years

Why Mobile Signal Booster is Needed?

There are some places or houses where the mobile signal is very weak, there cannot be a clear call, nor can the video download be uploaded to the internet on the mobile, in such places the mobile signal for the improvement of the signal A booster is required.

Due to being a network-strengthening device: This device can achieve strong strength with full mobile signal, thereby resolving the problem of weak signal in a home or office, as this device allows customers to clear call and internet speed with strong signal.

Can be installed anywhere: This device is not only for cities, but this device can be installed in any remote area or village, and this device has the capability to work in any city across India. You can also use this device in the lower part of the cellar or any marine area as it is very easy to install and plug and play type device.

Reasons to strengthen mobile signal: Nowadays, there are many places where mobile signal is very weak and therefore there is no use of internet on mobile, nor can enjoy clear time, if any inside the basement of a big house The office is going on, and there are many people working there who do not have the power to talk on the mobile, strengthening the signal booster network for them to solve their problem. Is able, because the device can deliver up to a home's basement by only antenna to present strong signal at a particular place.

Components of signal booster

The complete signal booster device is accompanied by main рек components called indoor antenna, outdoor antenna, amplifier, wire. These 4 things are very important for the signal booster installation process, because if you do not have any of these components, the concept signal booster installation process will be interrupted and the signal will not be available, so these four components must be very important.

Outdoor Antenna: The external antenna is hung at a height on the upper part of a house where the signal is very strong, with a pipe that captures the signal from the base station.

Indoor Antenna: The Indoor antenna is a very important component in the signal booster placement process as it amplifies the signal amplified by the amplifier in the coverage area.

Signal Amplifier: The amplifier is mainly located between the Indore antenna and the outdoor antenna which is powered by electric power. It serves to spread the signal in place by the indoor antenna by strengthening the weak signal received from the outdoor antenna.

Wires & Cables: No any type of signal booster installation process can be executed without cable, because in the signal booster installation process the signal is transmitted from one place to another place by cable. Therefore the cable is the important component.

Why Choose Us?

Reliability: This is a very good question. We show that people like us to install Signal Booster only. We get the signal booster checked completely by arriving at the customer's home with a reliable product. Signal boosters are installed only if the customer is fully satisfied. If the customer is not satisfied, we do not install the signal booster and do not charge the customer. We have been working in the market for almost 10 years. We provide reliable service after installing the booster with the customer, so that the customer does not face any kind of problem.

Good quality: Before we establish a signal booster with the customer, that signal booster is thoroughly tested by the technical engineer. If that comes true in quality, then the client's home-grown kit is installed. So that no technical problem is faced after installing.

Relatively cheap: We provide good quality signal boosters in comparatively cheap rates from other companies in Ahmedabad cities, which are useful for all types of home, college, company, hospital, basement, or rural areas.

Warranty: All our kits are given to the customer with 1 year warranty. If the customer encounters any problem inside the device within 1 year then we reach immediately to resolve the problem.

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  • We have a hotel that is located in the basement, but if the mobile network is very weak and has to face a lot of problem in talking on the phone so we need a network booster if you can help in any way. Thanks

  • We are located in Ahmedabad city. For some days we have been struggling with the problem of weaker mobile network.

    If you have any type of solution to the problem of weaker mobile network, please contact us and let us know that we are in urgent need. If you can afford then thank you very much.

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